Magnificent Defeat EP

by Magnificent Defeat

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The Magnificent Defeat is a battle we wish to lose. It is a battle against self. These are songs written by five friends who like music, and love their God. We hope that our collective influences and gifts have created, for you, an album that resonates with you in its creativity and honesty.


released January 13, 2011

©2011 Magnificent Defeat
Recorded at Earhythmic Studios.
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Nick Shively
All songs written by Magnificent Defeat



all rights reserved


Magnificent Defeat San Francisco

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Track Name: Awake, O Sleeper
Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead, expose them. For it is shameful to even speak of the things they do in secret. Arise from the dead. Awake, O sleeper, and rise from the dead. But anything, when exposed by the light, becomes light. When exposed, awake, O sleeper, and rise from the dead. Awake, O sleeper and rise from the dead. Be careful then, how you walk. Not as unwise, but as wise. Making the best use of your time, because these days are evil.
Track Name: Lost at Sea
ghosts hide in walls / in these filthy hidden thoughts / how foolish to think they'd simply float away / like a ship in a bottle / out in the open / I'm lost at sea / these sails are set wondering how to catch wind / I'm lost at sea / all hands on deck at the captain's call / but no one came and it won't be the last time / ghosts made the glass / this enclosure's holding fast / both port and starboard / can't break free I'm trapped / I fly the flag of a stagnant movement / as as long as I'm at the helm it'll stay this way / oh no, no I'm lost at sea / and until I break this glass / so I'll be / I fly the flag as one who has lost his way / I couldn't break this glass if I tried / until I fly the flag of the one who came and died / captain of captains / set me free / take back your ship, so undeserving / and I'll fly the flag I've so long forgotten / this is our resolution / this is a revolution / so fly your flag like this is the last time / sailing the open ocean
Track Name: Royale
slow down I'm nearly lost now / in payment for the times I've fallen short / sing it out / the old is gone / shout it now / the new has come / I have you now / things will never be the same / darling, know these words are not enough / to tell you all this time you've never been alone / this solitude is not your own / darling, know these words are not enough to tell you all this time / another cigarette, you were singing again / you pretend everything's alright / you're not the first, I know it hurts but listen to me / it was never your fault / thank God just by the hem of your cloth I'm cleansed of failure / take me in / keep holding on / hope is never fading, fleeting, or far away
Track Name: Tidal Waves
come one come all / to this mess that I've made / he was there at the fall / its the god that I've caged / but where was I when You were / he has his limitations / he has his bounds / I'm sure what I've created / Is now what I claim to have found / oh who am I / I am not / If You Are then who am I / what does it mean to be / your Grace is came like tidal waves come crashing from the sea / my darkness, pain and pride / you paid the cost / these sins were set aside / and nailed to a cross / then why do I not let go / I think that I, I'll let go / You control the heavens / I am not
Track Name: Washes
while the world is fading / all your lies creating / dead space in your eyes / love has come and love has gone / sing your sorrowful song / with dead space in your eyes / let's not regret / let's not forgot you / just say the word / and I'll come crashing / and reaching for you / these hands need washing / oh God I'm going down / Oh, my God this can't be right / certain things inside of me / someday this all will stop / oh world, where is your prize